Peter Haggett specialized in three areas of geography. His first theories centered around the nature of geography, and his writings contributed to human understanding of the Earth. He published several works involving this first area of geography: “Socio-Economic Models in Geography”, “Geography: A Modern Synthesis”, “The Geographer’s Heart”, and “Geography: A Global Synthesis”. These books were written and published from 1967 until 2001.Haggett’s research perspective reflects that of global trends that are being examined by many other theorists.


“Socio-Economic Models in Geography”; Edited by Richard J. Chorley and Peter Haggett

Haggett’s research also focused on qualitative methods as opposed to quantitative methodologies. His methods have been central to the development of Location Analysis Theory (GIS).


“Location Analysis in Human Geography” by Peter Haggett; published in 1965.

His third and final interest and contribution was his studies and findings involving Infectious Diseases. The majority of his research was from 1979-88, and it was funded by a group called Wellcome Trust. WT offers support to the most deserving bright minded individuals that show promise in developing research and studies in order to promote science to better individuals and humans. Haggett worked for the Center for Disease Control and The World Health Organization during his work regarding infectious diseases in relation to geography.